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Seedlings are Here! - At Home Store

posted on 4/27/23


At Home Store in Fairfield
52 N. Main Street

We are excited to once again offer a selection of seedlings from Fairfield's own Pickle Creek Herbs. Come by the store this Saturday, April 29th and take home some new friends for your garden!

Ready to Garden?

Now is the time to prepare those beds! Remove any existing mulch to allow the soil to warm up. Kneel down and pick up some soil and form a ball in your hand. If the soil remains a dense ball, it is too early to work the bed. If you can gently crumble the ball, it is the perfect time to work the soil!

Now you can pull any weeds and fork up the soil, incorporating some good organic material such as composted leaves, or compost. Your soil is now ready, and when you bring home those seedlings, you can get them into the ground right away, which is the very best place for them.


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