City of Fairfield - Hwy 1 Closed Stage 2

posted on 6/12/23


City of Fairfield - Notice for Highway 1 Continued Construction


Hwy 1 Construction

Beginning Monday, June 12th, the Highway 1 Contractor will begin preparing for Stage 2 construction. Due to utility conflict at the roundabout, the contractor needs to shut down Stage 2 (purple) while Stage 1 is still closed. Utility relocation work over the next two weeks will determine the remaining schedule.

On the attached map, red lines represent barricade which are placed or will soon be placed. Orange are temporary roads/driveways which are placed or soon will be placed. Once all of this is in place, 1600, 1700 and all of those properties south will be accessible from the south side of the roundabout; 1601, 1500 and properties north will be accessible from Fillmore. South Gate will be accessible from a temporary road which is accessible off of S. Court Street. 

For additional information, please contact the City of Fairfield at 641-472-6193.

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