Bob Ferguson Wellness - The Business of Health

posted on 8/26/22


Bob Ferguson Wellness - The Business of Health


I'm very happy to write this column from time to time to discuss science-based solutions for living a healthy life. Our family has been involved in the health and wellness business since 1970 when our Shaklee business was founded.

While my family is in the nutrition and toxin-free home and personal care business, my interests run to looking at all aspects of health. I'll be offering perspectives both from the standpoint of products my company offers, and other evidence-based practices that contribute to a healthy, robust life. As you can see with my Bosu Ball pushups at 72, I am dedicated to practicing what I preach in every way I can.

We have a lot of work to do to improve our individual and public health in the U.S according to this August 4, 2021 Commonwealth Fund Report.

"Key Findings: The top-performing countries overall are Norway, the Netherlands, and Australia. The United States ranks last overall, despite spending far more of its gross domestic product on health care. The U.S. ranks last on access to care, administrative efficiency, equity, and health care outcomes, but second on measures of care process.


I asked my friend and colleague Dr Bruce Daggy, Adjunct Professor of Nutrition, FSU, Former SVP, R&D & Chief Science Officer, Shaklee, Former VP, R&D, Nutrition & Weight Control, Glaxo Smith Kline, to do an in-depth talk about how we as a society created our current healthcare dilemma, and what we can do about it as individuals to stay as healthy as possible with ideal body composition. I hope you enjoy it.

Science-Based Hacks for Feeling Better and Losing Weight

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